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Greyfox Books is founded by graphic designer Darren Doyle, who's sole purpose is to create high-quality magazines & books, enabling you to relive the golden age of retro video games. With three successful magazines already released in digital format you will find each volume is filled with interviews, quotes and anecdotes from the artists, programmers and publishers that created the games. Greyfox Books now aims to produce the finest products in physical format, starting with our first crowdfunded book we will be using the best printers working to the highest standards. The process for this has yet to be decided, this site is aimed at bringing you the latest news on some of the books we intend to produce.


The Atari : a Visual History book will be your go-to coffee table book for your Atari 8-bit gaming and information fix, with over 140 games covered inside this 400+ page book, You’ve never seen Atari 8-bit games look so good, Our aim here at Greyfox Books is to produce the very best and full page to page visual publication unlike many others out there at the moment as well as producing a high polished finish on the final book when we release it. So if you were an Atari 8-bit home computer user or new to the Atari machines or simply wanting to discover what the Atari 8-bit home computer range where capable off, then this is the book for you.

Found within the pages of the visual Atari tome are many Atari third-party classic from a great variety of incredible talent and the software houses that created worlds of fantastic game-play and originality with brilliant games like, Blue Max or the great Seven Cities of Gold, all made their stamp on many people that lived through the times of the Atari 8-bit era. The book will cover many different genres including shooting titles, to action-adventure tiles and more. So relive your childhood all over again and rekindle the memories of your computer video gaming youth.

The Atari: A visual History has been created and contributed by those that loved the Atari 8-bit home computer and this is the labours of their love for this great home computer. Their stories through the games that have been covered in this book will surely bring a smile to your face as well as the inside story of the software companies also profiled within the book.

The Atari: A Visual history is simply packed with incredible content that simply
has never been presented in a book previously and is why Darren Doyle put painstaking hours upon hours in research, design, material remastering and optimised presentation in delivering a one of kind Atari 8-bit companion book.

This book showcases this machines software, machines and personal insight from many of those that help create and mould the history of this fantastic era and computer technologies ever to grace the computer enthusiast of the 1980s

So don’t deny yourself the insight of seeing it all in glorious technicolour and discover really what the Atari 8-bit home computer was all about.

Darren Doyle
Author of the Atari: A Visual History.

The Atari Gamer Digital Magazine Collection

Created by Darren Doyle