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  1. A beautiful, colourful book about some of the coolest arcade shooters!

  2. See above

  3. Fast shipping, well packaged, books came in pristine condition, bursting of illustrations, an orgy of colors, retro gaming porn, flicking through the pages a near orgastic delight.

  4. As a child I didn’t have many opportunities to experience the arcade era. With this beautifully illustrated book, I can now make up for it and take a trip down memory lane. The many illustrations in this book give a great impression of the Aracade games of that time.

  5. I was a Commodore 64 guy back in the 80s and never really got my hands on Atari 8-bit computers. So I was very interested in this book as a glimpse into a “might-have-been” alternate past.

    This is a gorgeous book. I love flipping through it and reading the little write-ups about the Atari software that I frankly never had. It fits very well with other illustrative books I have for Commodore computers on my shelf. Highly recommended.