2 days ago
Michael Lock
(verified owner)
This book... wow! I (almost) regretted clicking buy (as it was a tad expensive)... until it arrived. All my doubts vanished! It is of the highest quality, and really really big! OVer 400 pages of full color (Atari spelling of 'Color' intentional - us brits usually spell 'Colour' with an extra U!). It really is a fantastic book. If you had an Atari 400, 800, XL or XE and you loved the games... you need this book on your coffee table!
1 week ago
This book is something special. As a big fan of "everything retro-gaming" related - I've backed this project on Kickstarter. And to be honest, I didn't expect anything special from it. Though it would be another "Some great pictures from some old games, you've probably heard about earlier and a bunch of descriptive text" type of encyclopedia, but I was terribly wrong. Unofficial Atari: a Visual History is a glorious example of how you do a proper retro-gaming book: the quality is absolute, the topics covered (history, interviews, reviews, etc.) are made with passion. The illustrations (game screenshots, cover arts, photos) are brilliant. I expected the book to be two times thinner, but this big boy really delivers you with package of nostalgia on Atari era of gaming. Great stuff over here.
2 weeks ago
Jamie Battison
This is an amazing book, I maybe biased here but watching Darren go through the ups and downs of creating this book was something I will not forget but to actually have one in my possession after that long hard slog, I have to say, wow what a fantastic book it really is. Huge respect to all those that helped get this done. Thumbs up Darren.