Unofficial Atari: a Visual History

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Unofficial Atari: a Visual History hardback book.

About the Book:

The first unofficially-licensed book based on the Atari® 8-bit Home Computer. The book pays a huge tribute to this incredible home computer, it’s a product design and its amazing catalogue of third-party software associated with this iconic 8-bit system. The book is an unofficial publication created by myself Darren Doyle and is my first publishing outing under the Greyfox Books™ label, the book is the very first book of this kind to be released for the Atari 8-bit home computer enthusiast in a visual compendium, ever!

We have spent many months on its development and acquired some incredible content along the way. The amazing amount of support and contributions we have received from private collectors and review contributors has been fantastic, making the Atari: A Visual History book a reality.

With the Atari: A Visual History book, the visuals are the main focus, with roughly 210-220 words of text accompanying each game spread. The review of each game has especially been given a lot of research and thought during the writing process from myself and all contributors involved. Within the book, you’ll also find a series of larger features and interviews with developers and software house profiles and much more, ensuring a great mix of visuals and words.

Overall, the book will contain around 50,000 words and hundreds of iconic images; each one is given its own unique flair in presentation and professional preservation which will make it the perfect coffee-table Atari book.

Format: Portrait orientation Dimensions: 229 X 152 mm

Page count: 420 pages

Cover: 150 gsm Silk coated paper and Anti-scuff Matt lamination cover.

Inside Pages: Matt varnish throughout on 130gsm Silk coated paper.

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8 reviews for Unofficial Atari: a Visual History

  1. Larry Anderson

    Just got my book in the mail… and all I can say is WOW! The layouts and artwork pop, the game pages have just enough detail to give you a flavor for what they’re about, and the supporting material (reviews, company background, developer interviews) ties it all together. This is the ultimate Atari 8-Bit coffee table book. Highly recommend you pick one up while they’re still available!

  2. Randy Ginden

    Been looking at this book the last couple of days and I must say, it’s incredible!

    A MUST buy for even a casual Atari fan.

    So glad I got in on the super early bird price…but would have paid twice what I did!

    It’s that good…Thank you Darren Doyle for truly a labor of love!

    P. S. The book binding is also top notch!

  3. Jamie Battison

    This is an amazing book, I maybe biased here but watching Darren go through the ups and downs of creating this book was something I will not forget but to actually have one in my possession after that long hard slog, I have to say, wow what a fantastic book it really is.

    Huge respect to all those that helped get this done. Thumbs up Darren.

  4. Dmytro

    This book is something special. As a big fan of “everything retro-gaming” related – I’ve backed this project on Kickstarter. And to be honest, I didn’t expect anything special from it. Though it would be another “Some great pictures from some old games, you’ve probably heard about earlier and a bunch of descriptive text” type of encyclopedia, but I was terribly wrong. Unofficial Atari: a Visual History is a glorious example of how you do a proper retro-gaming book: the quality is absolute, the topics covered (history, interviews, reviews, etc.) are made with passion. The illustrations (game screenshots, cover arts, photos) are brilliant. I expected the book to be two times thinner, but this big boy really delivers you with package of nostalgia on Atari era of gaming. Great stuff over here.

  5. Michael Lock (verified owner)

    This book… wow! I (almost) regretted clicking buy (as it was a tad expensive)… until it arrived. All my doubts vanished! It is of the highest quality, and really really big! OVer 400 pages of full color (Atari spelling of ‘Color’ intentional – us brits usually spell ‘Colour’ with an extra U!). It really is a fantastic book. If you had an Atari 400, 800, XL or XE and you loved the games… you need this book on your coffee table!

  6. Bob Brown

    Just have to say the quality and finish on this book is excellent, it is by far the centerpiece of my Atari book collection. It is a robust full colour piece of art! I highly recommend getting one while you can!

  7. Merman

    For any Atari or retrogaming fan, this is a great addition to your bookshelf. Not only are there are a host of game reviews, but fascinating features and interviews give real depth to the story of Atari’s 8-bit computers. I backed the book on Kickstarter and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  8. David (verified owner)

    This fun and informative book is an absolute treasure. It brought back so many nostalgic memories and reignited my long lost passion for Atari 8-bit computer gaming. I spent hours pouring over the fully colorful illustrated pages. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys gaming!

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